Our group provides the following services:

Auditing (also for financial and state-financed institutions, not-for-profit organizations)
Tax consulting and representation
Bookkeeping and Payroll Outsourcing
Legal consulting
International financial representation
IT- and other business consulting
Hardware and software support
Development and audit of grant-applications

The outstanding high quality of our services is guaranteed by the quality assurance policies developed by LEA and fitted to the Hungarian circumstances. All of our member firms and subcontractors are obliged to meet these quality requirements. With the use of the auditing software "Datev" - distributed in Hungary by one of our owners - MRIAUDIT Hungary is also one of the leading auditing firms, which fully implements the quality assurance standards of the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors.


As since 1998 auditing has become compulsory for a wider range of businesses, the importance of this service has grown. Additionally, in applications for credits, the confirmation of the balance sheet submitted to the bank by a reputable auditing company plays an important role.

Regardless of their size, subsidiaries of foreign company groups must have their annual profit and loss statement and balance sheet report audited, with special regard to the fulfilment of international accounting standards and preparation of the preliminary balance sheet needed for group consolidation.

Our office will audit your financial statements, certify conformity of accounting records and compliance of the financial statements with legal prescriptions. We furnish the financial statements - also consolidated financial statements - with the confirmation prescribed by law. As conclusion of our audit, we prepare an analysing audit report, in foreign languages, too, if required. We have also practice to do the audit work by IFRS and US GAAP.

The company has the special authorizations also for auditing financial organizations and budgetary organizations.

When companies are sold or merged, goodwill often should be assessed. We prepare the required economic calculations to support you in making the right decisions and lend a hand in managing the actual transactions.

When a company is established by means of in-kind contribution, its value and marketability should be confirmed by an auditor. We are your partners in fulfilling this task as well.

All members of the company group employ the documentation and quality assurance software developed by the largest German professional software company DATEV and meeting even the strongest international requirements.


As auditors and tax advisors we know strengths and weaknesses of our clients. We have a general overview on cost management and profitability both in concrete companies and in the relevant industry. We share this knowledge and experience with our clients within strategic counselling. Foreigners wishing to establish a sound and stable business in Hungary are aware of the invaluable advantage of the involvement of a local advisor with the necessary background concerning local regulations and market environment. The presence of such a professional provides not only a marked advantage but also adds to your reputation among local professionals. Our staff with international experience is specialized in such advisory tasks. Through these services, both your business risks and start-up time can be minimised. The company has professionals with adequate knowledge in several large towns of Hungary working as subcontractors.

Hungary's complex and ever-changing tax system requires significant financial and staff input to keep pace with these changes irrespective of the company's size; and those inexperienced in this market find extremely difficult to analyse their effects. Continual and provident counselling is especially important in order to optimise tax payment. In spite of our hope that Hungary's tax system will be gradually simplified, we are convinced that always will remain several allowances that may be taken advantage of. Our professionals will provide you with all the necessary proposals in order to best utilise all available allowances. With the help of our international network, we will guide our clients also in tax difficulties in connection with the EU membership.

We are ready to prepare for affiliated companies the regulation on using transfer prices and develop the relevant records as well as to act as financial representative of foreign companies in accordance with the Hungarian tax prescriptions.

In addition to the above, there can be several occasions when your tax burdens can be minimised as a result of timely consultations with a professional tax advisor (e.g. mergers, de-mergers, transformation of companies, business acquisitions).

International tax consulting plays a key role in optimizing combined tax burdens through establishing effective company structures. In the field of applying agreements on the prevention of double-taxation, our tax advisors have deep-going experience that can be made even more effective by the opportunity, offered by our LEA membership, to consult local foreign professionals in 70 countries of the world.


The annual profit and loss statement and balance sheet represent a report on your business and are also used as the basis for preparing a tax return. Therefore, the preparation of the balance sheet is especially important among our services. Several years of experience in various professional fields enable us to prepare the optimum balance sheet for our clients. During the preparation of the balance sheet, we ensure that all legal regulations are fulfilled while paying special attention to deadlines and obligatory formalities.

In the case of special economic events such as company buy-out or transformation, it is highly recommended to make use of professional advice concerning the most effective realization. Tax risks may be high in these cases but timely professional advice can reduce them. Our professionals have extensive experience in these fields.


The preparation and submission of monthly and quarterly tax returns are included in accounting tasks carried out by our company. After completion of the balance sheet, tax returns often need to be amended. However, successful tax revisions require a tax return being in line with balance sheet figures regarding all types of tax obligations. Our staff members prepare your tax returns under supervision of tax advisors, with the use of proper forms required by the tax authority and fulfilling all deadlines. At the same time, leading managers of the company comprehensively represent our clients before authorities based on clients' commission.


Regular bookkeeping is the basis of preparing an annual profit and loss statement and balance sheet being in line with law. At the same time, it provides valuable information about the soundness of a business allowing to make correct business decisions. The importance of bookkeeping is often underestimated. If it operates as a part of a complex computer system, this system is practically able to supply the management with all the required data. We are able to provide these evaluations in several languages depending on client's demand.

Hiring an external accounting company to carry out bookkeeping tasks will ensure that your accounting is done in a professional manner. Even if you are missing a responsible employee, we are able to supply you with the required information.

As a part of accounting functions, we monitor receivables and payables and supply you with the relevant information. When required, we prepare the reminders, and our clients post them at their discretion. Based on the data of accountancy, we also prepare the financial reports needed for management information.

The preparation of payrolls has grown rather sophisticated in recent years, as a result of which it requires up-to-date professional knowledge. The use of our professionals ensures that all regulations will be taken into consideration - with special regard to social security regulations - when doing payroll, and clients receive in due course a list of their payment obligations. With our services we assure that your employees do not have insight into incomes of each other as we give you the payroll sheets in personalized envelopes; if required, we post them to the address of the employees. We apply in our work the NEXON program, being the most popular software of this kind in Hungary.

Legal Consulting

Law office Moldován és Társai Ügyvédi Iroda acts as representative of Hungarian and foreign clients in Hungary and provides companies and private persons counselling in Europe, the Middle East and also Overseas.

We offer legal services mostly in Hungarian, English and German but also in French, Russian and Vietnamese.

Activity of our office includes .. but is not limited to .. solution of legal aspects of corporate and trade issues, tax and real property cases, investments, business problems, mergers, buying-ups and securities as well as we have wide-range experience in the field of labour law, media law, copyright law and environment protection law . We deal with public procurement . especially in the pharmaceutical industry and health care ., PPP arrangements and legal aspects of air transport. An important segment of activity of our office is legal audit where legal status and operation of a company, observation of prescriptions of labour law and legal status of real property are examined within due diligence assignments.

In 2003, our office joined MACKRELL INTERNATIONAL, one of the first innovative organizations of independent law offices in the world. With its global network of about 4000 lawyers in 50 counties at present, it has been committed for quick legal aid and counselling all over the world. All members of the organization are highly qualified lawyers recognized in their country and having solid experience in solving more and more complex problems of international clients.

International Financial Representation

One of AUDIT NETWORK Hungary LLC's member firms has all the experiences and knowledges required to officially represent international organizations in Hungary in business/taxation matters. Based on our international network we can also help our Hungarian clients to find local consulting partners in many countries. With the EU accession it became of highest significance, that we are able to provide foreign tax representation for our clients with help of the LEA network. This enables our customers to claim back VAT even in case of one, single transaction - without establishing an own agency.

IT - and Other Business Consulting

IT Solutions Delivering Extra Value

IT should form an organic part of the strategy of progressive businesses.
However, it is often difficult to determine, in which stage of progress the company is. "Domino effect" means another difficulty: one change in the IT system can affect many other parts of business.

At AUDIT NETWORK Hungary our range of expertise extends far beyond financial systems into such areas as production management systems and specialized software. In fact, we can deliver almost every application that an owner needs in order to manage and control its business.

Getting The Best Out of Your People

Sure, you have heard it before: a business is as good as its people. People are its lifeline. People make the difference. At the same time, one of the hardest problems for owner-managed businesses today is to keep developing and changing - especially, when things are going well. Yet, it is obvious that no business should ever fear change. We are not talking about change for change's sake; we are talking about embracing, initiating and driving through fresh thinking, innovative practices and sound ideas. Many dynamics come into play, which can influence the pace of change. Some businesses are ready to sprint, others need to jog. However, the end goal should always be the desire to improve business performance.

The strength of our team is that we understand what drives owner-managed businesses. We know the pressures, and are familiar with a range of industry sectors. Working in partnership with the management team, we help to develop sustainable strategies instead of short-term fixes.

By its very nature, business consulting covers a complex range of service requirements. Here are just some of the areas our dedicated team covers:
• stabilization of cash position,
• identification of problem sources,
• development of a critical path,
• development of solutions and strategy,
• assistance in delivering the strategy,
• negotiations with donors,
• viability reviews.

Business Valuations

True and fair value of business is a key element in many business decisions. That is why business valuation is an important part of our consultation services.

An accurate valuation of your business also plays a key role in the followings:
• deciding whether and when to sell,
• understanding the relative values of merging businesses,
• setting retirement objectives,
• valuing employee share options,
• valuing shares for other purposes.

Hardware / software support

Computers have become our inevitable friends in everyday and business life. We use them everywhere at work, facilitating and speeding up our daily routine. Unfortunately, if something goes mysteriously wrong, they cause more annoyance, than fun. That is why a highly qualified expert is needed to administrate your system and IT assets. We undertake both occasionally and continuously hardware/software support assignments.

We are experienced in diverse fields of information technology including related consultation, development and administration of continuous and reliable operation of workstations, servers, hardware and software products and computer systems. All of our professionals have several year -long experience in information technology. Among our Hungarian and foreign clients we are known for our expertise and our quick and reliable work. We have direct connections also to the most important hardware and software distributors, which enables you to realize your IT investments at lower prices than in retail trade.

Development and audit of grant-applications

In order to meet complex regulation and administration requirements of EU and government subsidies, knowledge of special areas is needed. Our employees are experienced on field of EU regulations and can help you with developing your grant applications. When receiving EU grants, you are also obliged to follow a special reporting system, which includes direct audit of your related accounts. Our company undertakes audit of the financial reports too.


Leading partners of our company group (as teachers of universities, colleges, professional trainings, the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors) actively take part in the Hungarian accounting and auditing education. Their up-to-date professionalism is ensured by MRI's international training system. Our company offers trainings in all topics of our activity field.

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